Thursday, April 2, 2009

Unstable employment conditions in Japan

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), the unemployment rate rose up to 4.4%, and further, the ratio of job offers to job seekers went down to 0.59 nationaly on this February : this ratio was around 0.9 in Metropolitan City, Tokyo.

According to several newspapers, this situation was the lowest since February 2003. Also, the rationof job offers to job seekers was 0.67 on this January. So its fall by 0.08 to 0.59 was the sharpest single-month drop since December 1974!

Further, the diffusion index of business sentiment among large companies also fell down to -58 in Manufactures and -31 in Non-manufactures on this March.

These indexes shows only the surface of Japanese economical meltdown.
I think that the actual economical meltdown is more serious under the water.

Who, when, and how this crisis will be recovered?
At least, I think that the present cabinet will not be able to recover it at the moment.
For example, the cabinet fixed extra services on highway charge: Who use ETC system can use local highway only for 1,000 yen on the weekend. But those who don't have an ETC and a car can't receive this merit. Also, I think this emerging rescue for people's consumption competes with the policy to reduce CO2. If this easy rescue went successfully, the enviromental policy would be thrown away.

I think that this is a simple case.
Not only politicians, but also beaurocracy should consider Japanese economical situation again.

I'm not satisfied with these measures.








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