Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finished 1st exam

I finished the 1st examination of an international life insurance company today.

I had participated in the explanatory meeting of this company last Saturday, and had gotten a phone call, which had noticed me that I had passed the resume selection, from this company this Wednesday. The person who had called me had told me contents of the 1st examination: They would practice a group discussion and an aptitude test.

When I had participated in the explanatory meeting, there were over 100 examinees. And today, there were only 50 examinees. That is to say, the half of examinees were rejected by the explanatory meeting.

Well... I should write how the 1st examination was.

I felt that there were not significant differences among examinees in the group discussion. But the aptitude test was difficult, and I felt that at least half of examinees would be rejected by this test: I would be the one of them.

The result will be noticed by 2 ways.
If I will pass the 1st examination, I will get a phone call from the company.
And if I won't pass the 1st examination, I will receive an email or a postal letter from them.

Maybe I will receive an email or a postal letter...

Um, I should look for many other job opportunities.




さて... 試験のことを書いた方が良いですよね...





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