Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japan got GOLD!!!

Did you watch the final game of World Baseball Classic?

I watched it on my mobile TV (one-seg), because I had a meeting with an agent. I could watch bottom of 9th, but I missed the most important scene because I had had to get on a train to move. When I turned on mobile TV, the game had already finished, and I could watch only the ceremony. However, I was really glad to know that Japan got Gold.

Unfortunately, Korea lost Gold but their spirit to get Gold was really great.
That was the final game.

By the way, my challenge for the next job has been going on.
I have finished 4 meetings with agents in these 2 days. I feel something is almost coming close to me. In fact, I got more than 10 job offers from some agents. This is only the start, but there are possibilities to get new job.

Now I'm reading a book about Jiro Shirasu in order to aspire myself.
Maybe some of readers would know him.
He became famous because he was the only person who didn't obey Douglas MacArthur.

I think that if he would still alive, he could give us many tips to get rid of this economical crisis.
If you want to know the reason, please read his book.
But unfortunately, there is not any books about him written in English...

This is the book which I'm reading now.

I don't have any appointment until this Friday, so I'll read his books all days...










Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hard situation...

One month has passed since I left extra company.

To be honest, the situation of my activities is so hard. I feel the economical crisis from the bottom of my heart.
When I went to the public employment security office (Hello Work), there were so many people who were looking for their jobs, and also I saw many people who had lost job because of lay offs.

I've been taking contacts with some recruiting firms and executive search firms for about one month to get a new, good, and suitable position for me. However, there are not so many job offers at the moment. I think this is a natural phenomenon, because the economical circumstances are so bad, and most of companies are cutting their regular employee. I also think companies volition for hiring an experienced talent is stay below.

When I had taken action for getting extra position for about three months last year, I had gotten more than hundred of job offers from various agencies and firms. But now, I got only ten job offers. I can get only 1/10 offers of extra action. This is really a serious situation for me.

What should I do?
I have a strong will to work .
But there is no job.

However, I'll never give up!!! Because this is my life, and only one life.
I'll do my best.

So my friends and readers, please left me your comments.
Your comments will surely help me.








Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing to do

I've been spending dull days.
I'm wondering whether my updated resume will work out or not.

When I want to apply to a possible company, I have to submit my resume; if the company is a global one, I submit English resume, and if the company is a domestic one, I submit Japanese resume and "Rirekisho." I had been updating all of them for about one week. But I'm still wondering.

When I submit resume, it will become my face, heart, spirit, and so on.
So If I want the company to read it and think they want to meet me, I have to submit a perfect resume.
This is a hard work.
Not only because I have a lot of changing jobs, but because there are a lot of things that I want to write.

Anyway, I'm still wondering whether my updated resume is good or not, I think that there still are something to rewrite or change words. So, I'll update resume again this weekend.

While, I got some offers from my agents.
They are all confidential information, and I still researching those companies, so when I would finish my research and give a permission to the agent, I'll write a little about the company later.

I'll do my best.







Monday, March 2, 2009

Updating resume

There are so many people who lost jobs not only in Japan, but also in all over the world. I'm the one of them...
I really rely upon President Obama's leadership and his affirmative action on this world wide economical/financial crises. As you know, Japan is the one of the economical leading country in the world, but our Prime Minister and cabinet don't work at all. So Japan will not be able to overcome this crises by itself. I believe that the US will be the only one country which will be able to solve these problems.

Go Obama!

By the way, I've been in the job lost situation for about a month.
The other day, I went to the public employment security office in order to proceed receiving my unemployment allowance.

And now, I'm updating my English and Japanese resume for selling myself to numerous companies.
I also have been taking contacts with some recruiting agents.

I hope that I can meet a new and good candidate company as soon as possible.