Thursday, May 29, 2008

Days of overtime work

Days of overtime works.
I'm really exhausted.
But, this situation will end up, and I will be able to take a pause.

Again and again, I'm pressed by preparing for a presentation.
This time, I become a sceneshifter. I'm given to making estimates for created plans.

This situation really is troublesome.
It is a difficult matter to make estimates for plans that is created by other person. It's because aims are not clear, and contents are vague.

If I can get over this job, however, there will be continuous and peaceful days. So I'm doing my best.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

TEOIC test

I went to take an examination of TOEIC today.
To tell the truth, I would take this exam on March, but I overslept for it. So this was the first time.

I was in an English study course in high school, and studied at faculty of foreign studies in the college. So I had been sorrounded by English in my school days. After graduate the college, however, I had been working at pharmaceutical companies and others where had not required English skills, my English skill had become poor, and I had been feeling irrtation.

Otherwise, I'm working at an foreign-affiliated advertising agency now. The president is American, and some of my colleagues, who is beloging to marketing section, also are American. And the opportunity to use English have been raising up. So I have changed my mind, and decided to re-brush up my English.

As a start of this situation, and I have wanted to check my English skills, I took the TOEIC test.

Fortunately, the examination place was an university where was near from my home; only 4 stations on subway.
I think that I could get over 550 scores, but I couldn't get over 600 scores, which was my target score.

The result will come out a month later.
I hope that I could get good scores.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hard days again

It's been a long long time that I update this blog.
But I have been very busy with my work, and I can't update it.

I'll go to bed soon, after I write this blog, today.
I'm like a workaholic man.
Now I've been preparing for a presentation, and working whole-day. Start work in the morning and stop work in the midnight, no the next morning.
This situation will continue till the end of this month.

The presentation will be held on the end of this month, so I will be able to take some time to write this blog again. If I will be able to have enough time, I'll write everything that happened during I had been absent.

I'm doing well with my work, but I still have tons of job. This is really hard.

Anyway, I'm doing very well.
I'll update this blog soon.