Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard days

I spent three weeks in a new work place.
I have already had tons of works, and feel a little bit of impatience.

I have been participated in a pre-launch meeting with our important partner company these two days. This meeting is a discussion meeting with executives in Asia and Pacific region, and all of the conversation are English. There are tons of English around me from the morning to the evening. It's a hard days for me.
I feel I got a allergy on English. (This is a joke though...)
Anyway, I am working surrounded by English in Japan.

I can read, write, and listen English, but I can't speak it well, so I feel some kind of irritation.
In addition, this is not a daily conversation but a business conversation, I must understand tons of economical words, and pharmaceutical words. I'm in a 'can't speak syndrome.'

By the way, it has been warm days in Tokyo these days.
I think I can go out without wearing coats.

I'll go back to Fukuoka and my real home next weekend, because a congress will be held on there.
This will be a business trip, so I can't waste time, but I hope I can enjoy my home town.







Monday, March 3, 2008

Warm days

It has been warm spring days in Tokyo. It has not so cold at the morning and the evening, so I can go for a work without wearing a scarf.

It seems like that I got a pollinosis, I have a slight tickle in my nose.

I participated in a Kick Off Meeting of a product with an important client today.
It is already decided that I will take in charge of this product after the OJT (on the job training), so I took provided information down.

I will go to the office on schedule, 9 am, tomorrow, and then I will go to a clinic to have a physical examination.

I indicated abnormal value of LDL cholesterol (neutral fat) on the physical examination that I had six months ago. I think that I will be indicated the same point this time too. It's because that I have a thick waist...
In addition, I must take a barium sulphate. So it will be a hard day for me tomorrow.

By the way, the job is easy now so far. Time goes leisurely.
I will take rests till the coming hard days.

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