Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard days

I spent three weeks in a new work place.
I have already had tons of works, and feel a little bit of impatience.

I have been participated in a pre-launch meeting with our important partner company these two days. This meeting is a discussion meeting with executives in Asia and Pacific region, and all of the conversation are English. There are tons of English around me from the morning to the evening. It's a hard days for me.
I feel I got a allergy on English. (This is a joke though...)
Anyway, I am working surrounded by English in Japan.

I can read, write, and listen English, but I can't speak it well, so I feel some kind of irritation.
In addition, this is not a daily conversation but a business conversation, I must understand tons of economical words, and pharmaceutical words. I'm in a 'can't speak syndrome.'

By the way, it has been warm days in Tokyo these days.
I think I can go out without wearing coats.

I'll go back to Fukuoka and my real home next weekend, because a congress will be held on there.
This will be a business trip, so I can't waste time, but I hope I can enjoy my home town.







1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. K
I understand what you are feeling and your frustration.
I am same way about none conversation English.
We have all kinds of "special words" and I hate hearing it.
Because most of the time, I have no idea what they are talking about:(
But I think you are doing extremely well!!
Take care!
Love ya!!