Monday, March 3, 2008

Warm days

It has been warm spring days in Tokyo. It has not so cold at the morning and the evening, so I can go for a work without wearing a scarf.

It seems like that I got a pollinosis, I have a slight tickle in my nose.

I participated in a Kick Off Meeting of a product with an important client today.
It is already decided that I will take in charge of this product after the OJT (on the job training), so I took provided information down.

I will go to the office on schedule, 9 am, tomorrow, and then I will go to a clinic to have a physical examination.

I indicated abnormal value of LDL cholesterol (neutral fat) on the physical examination that I had six months ago. I think that I will be indicated the same point this time too. It's because that I have a thick waist...
In addition, I must take a barium sulphate. So it will be a hard day for me tomorrow.

By the way, the job is easy now so far. Time goes leisurely.
I will take rests till the coming hard days.

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