Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finished the first day

I finished the first day at a new office peacefully today.
I had an impression that this was a big company, because the employee was four times of former company. But the division, client service and creatives and so on, were orderly placed in the office, and they are active. So I felt that I would be able to gain strength from them.

Client service manager, my boss, and I held a meeting this morning.
He had already decided my client and charging product. So I felt I had to start job immediately. But it was a first day at this office for me today, I closed my work on schedule and got back home.

I bought a one-month train pass for work on the way to my home.
This affect my daily life, because the pass fee will be paid in the next salary, but it will more affect my daily life to commute by normal transport fee, I boldly bought it.
I would almost sweat because my life will go into be poor...

I'm feeling pressure, but do not be hurry, be meticulously, and do only what I can do, I'll do my best.





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