Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ready for the exam

I'll attend a meeting exam of an advertising agency that I wrote here before, today (February 12).
I completed the preparing of resume and working experiences sheet. So the lest thing to do for me is only to attend the meeting exam actually.

I'm little nervous, but I am a kind of person who express myself in the real exam, so I'll be calm when the exam starts. The exam is held on this evening, so I will relax in my home until the time when I will leave my apartment; and I'll think of suppositional Q&A till the time will come.

Also I decided to apply for one more company.
This company is ad agency too.
I must be examined by submitted resume first, so I wrote resume and working experiences. I will send them as a special delivery mail this morning.

It is a long way, but I'll do my best.





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Rosalia said...

Thanks for writing this.