Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waiting a feedback

I've been just waiting a feedback from the company which I went to take the exam/video conference on Wednesday March 17th. I've not been able to sleep well, because it takes quite a long time to make their decision whether hiring me or not.

When I had the phone interview with their Asia-Pacific HR specialist and took the vocational aptitude test on the internet, I got the feedback from them next day. But this time, I think their decision making takes pretty a long time. I've been thinking that they've been considering various conditions for hiring a person seriously, because they are Japanese.

Due to this situation, I can't take any other actions for getting a new position. Further, there is no chance to make some money to live. If only they would advise my agent or me about when they will make their decision, I could work during I have been waiting their feedback as a part time staff in some companies.


What should I do?
How long should I wait for?

I hope they will come to the end as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Days of seeking a new position

As I wrote before, I retired from the life insurance company by the end of February.

And now, I'm seeking a new position.

I have already applied more than 20 companies and completely been rejected from them. However, there is a hope for only one company. I got a private offer from a recruiting agent for this company at the beginning of March. And I passed the 1st resume screening stage and the phone interview with HR specialist of Asia-Pacific region on March 9th. Then I passed the vocational aptitude test next day. And today, I went to the 2nd interview, which was a video conference, with an area director of this company.

This company is the famous and leading company in the real estate outsourcing/ rental & virtual offices industry around the world. Most of readers may be know the name of this company.

The position is General Manager of their Fukuoka Business Centre.

To tell the truth, I didn't know not only this industry but also the name of company until I had heard this position from my agent. However, as I kept searching about this company, I gradually found that this company was the fantastic one, and that the position as General Manager was a great opportunity for me because its responsibility was relatively focused on B to B sales.

Although most of my business experiences were built in the pharmaceutical industry, I believed that my sales, marketing, and communication skills were transferable to those business model. Then I decided to apply to this company.

The 2nd interview was not an easy one, but I believe that I will get a good news from them soon.