Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waiting a feedback

I've been just waiting a feedback from the company which I went to take the exam/video conference on Wednesday March 17th. I've not been able to sleep well, because it takes quite a long time to make their decision whether hiring me or not.

When I had the phone interview with their Asia-Pacific HR specialist and took the vocational aptitude test on the internet, I got the feedback from them next day. But this time, I think their decision making takes pretty a long time. I've been thinking that they've been considering various conditions for hiring a person seriously, because they are Japanese.

Due to this situation, I can't take any other actions for getting a new position. Further, there is no chance to make some money to live. If only they would advise my agent or me about when they will make their decision, I could work during I have been waiting their feedback as a part time staff in some companies.


What should I do?
How long should I wait for?

I hope they will come to the end as soon as possible.

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