Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Days of seeking a new position

As I wrote before, I retired from the life insurance company by the end of February.

And now, I'm seeking a new position.

I have already applied more than 20 companies and completely been rejected from them. However, there is a hope for only one company. I got a private offer from a recruiting agent for this company at the beginning of March. And I passed the 1st resume screening stage and the phone interview with HR specialist of Asia-Pacific region on March 9th. Then I passed the vocational aptitude test next day. And today, I went to the 2nd interview, which was a video conference, with an area director of this company.

This company is the famous and leading company in the real estate outsourcing/ rental & virtual offices industry around the world. Most of readers may be know the name of this company.

The position is General Manager of their Fukuoka Business Centre.

To tell the truth, I didn't know not only this industry but also the name of company until I had heard this position from my agent. However, as I kept searching about this company, I gradually found that this company was the fantastic one, and that the position as General Manager was a great opportunity for me because its responsibility was relatively focused on B to B sales.

Although most of my business experiences were built in the pharmaceutical industry, I believed that my sales, marketing, and communication skills were transferable to those business model. Then I decided to apply to this company.

The 2nd interview was not an easy one, but I believe that I will get a good news from them soon.


Claudia said...

Ganbatte, kudasai. I found your blog and find it interesting to read. I have spent a year in Japan, learning Japanese and trying to find a position there. I left in last summer and found a job in Singapore. As much as I liked Japan, the labour market is very difficult right now - as you describe as well. For a foreigner with limited language skills it's almost impossible. And I do not want to teach English, this is not what my qualification is and I find it to be a dead end for most foreigners who work in Japan. You can not transfer to another job anymore and you will never be a proper qualified English teacher back home either, so you are stuck.
I finally decided to extend my search to other Asian countries and found that there are many opportunities out there. I could get jobs that really suited what I was looking for, so I decided to move despite liking Japan a lot.
Will keep following your blog - and good luck to you.

K-san said...


Thank you for the comment. I could get a power to move forward from your comment.

The economical situation is really bad in Japan; the government and the central bank did not say that the economical situation was in the deflation, but I think that our country certainly rushes into the deflationary spiral state.

Not only tons of temporary employee but also a lot of full time employee surely lost their jobs. And our most recent jobless rate went up close to 5%. Further, the school year is from April to March in Japan, and now is the time of employment contract for those who will be graduated from their colleges and other schools. For example, however, the rate of informal job offer to those who will be graduated from colleges stops around 70 - 80%. I can't understand this terrible situation.

I will write those blog later.
Please feel free to come, look, and leave some comments on my blog post. Let's keep in touch.

Thank you for your cheer.