Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Day

Well, it was the last day to go to the office.

As you know, I really had been wondering whether I should stay or leave the office; I should say that I should stay or leave the major life insurance company. And finally, at the end of January, I decided to leave, and claim my boss to quit my job by the end of February.

As soon as I claimed my decision to my boss, I was taken my laptop PC, all materials for consulting, and my daily jobs away. So I have spent one month with full vacation without salary.

Why I decided to quit the job? It was because I thought and felt that I would get into debt if I would continue the job.
Some successes say that the patience and the steady working will be the key of success in the life insurance industry. Yes it is true. But they never have mentioned about their expenses or overworks. It is because most of successes are American people, but not Japanese people.

Some may know that Japanese business customs are significantly different from American and European countries. In Japan, we have to spend many expenses to attract customers, and they do need it. On the other hand, most of these expenses never lead us to the success.

I spent really a tons of expenses for customers and candidates, but the results were same as the examples above.

I know that the life insurance industry is a very important economical fundamental. Face to face business model is a very good way of selling insurance products.
But on the other hand, I also know that the life insurance industry which depends on the internet. There are many websites where customers can compare similar products and its prices. And most of younger generations prefer internet business model in Japan. The reason is clear. They don't need to understand the essential of provided products. They do need to reduce their costs for insurance products.

In these circumstances, we don't need to provide face to face business model at all.
Because the final decision is in the customer's hand.

Well, this article looks like a marketing analysis.

I change the topic.
Although I have strong sales, marketing, and communication skills, I can't get next position at the moment.
This is due to the significant economical depressions in Japan.
The job less rates rise every month, and there are tons of job seekers around the country.
However, the government do nothing.
They are talking about their own funds in the congress.
I think that they should think about not their life but their fellow citizens.

I am a job seeker now.
This will be a really hard way to overcome, but I will do my best and surely get a great job.

Thank you for reading.
If you have comments, please post your thoughts.
I look forward to hearing various voices.

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