Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Almost 4 months have past since I became a part time worker at a small hotel in Fukuoka as a Front Clerk, a hotelier.

I had passed the face to face interview with a supervisor of the front office on March, and I have been hired as a part time front clerk. Between the first 2 weeks, I had participated in the basic skill training, which had included house keeping, confirming reservations, and basic skills for serving guests. After these training, I passed the basic training standard and became a Front Clerk.

In the first month, I mostly have been on the late shift, and learned Checking-in, dealing with various claims, and so on.

What a surprise! I mastered most of serving skills as Front Clerk only in a month, and I recognized as an Assistant Night Manager. So, I've mostly been on night shift since third month, June.

The assistant night manager has a lot of jobs. For example, Checking-in as usual, making indications for bed making for next day, printing bills of voucher, coupon, cash later accounts, and so on. Furthermore, when I (we) are doing these activities, air-conditioner for public spaces are perfectly stopped. So these jobs are not only hard but also bearing the hot air.

In Japanese hotels, we charges 10% of service charge on each room rates. So according to the basic manual, we cant's receive any cash or other materials.

However, it is human to human communication. I have received 1 cash tips from Japanese guest due to my polite serving and concierge service, and have received 3 packed alcohol, JINRO Chamisul, from Korean guest due to my prompt and accurate advise of getting a shuttle bus to their destinations.

Unfortunately, these honorable behavior will not have been reported to managers or general managers, because those occurred at midnight, and none of managers or general manager had not been there...

But, I'm so glad to receive guests hearts myself.

It might Hotelier be just a hotel stuff, but I don't think so.
As I usually do, serving our guests thoughtfully, answering guests questions promptly, and although there is a front desk but making eye contacts and listening to guests voices, then making advices for them, I believe that they will be able to stay with us comfortably.
I think that this is the best hospitality.

Anyway, I'll be 39 years old by July 24.
But I've never found a regular employee position...
What should I do???

This is my best/worst confusion...

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