Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passed exams

I got results from two life insurance companies which I had written before.
I passed both of them.

The results were passed 1st interview of the domestic insurance company and passed resume screening of the international company.

I had been thinking that I would like to have priority over the international company because they opened actual date of the next step in the explanatory meeting. Just as when I had thought about that, I got a information on a 2nd interview, which would be held on the same date with the next step exam of the international one, from the domestic company.

I had not known the result of the international company at that time, but I had been thinking that I would like to have priority over the international company. So I requested the domestic company to consider other date. But I'm wondering how it will be because the domestic company never takes contact with me.

Anyway, the next exam, which actually will be the 1st exam, of the international company will be held on next Saturday.
I heard that the contents will be an aptitude test and a group discussion.

I will go to a meeting with a non-life insurance company tomorrow, and I will meet a manager of branch office of an international life insurance company the day after tomorrow.

The progress of medical/pharmaceutical companies are not good...








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