Monday, March 2, 2009

Updating resume

There are so many people who lost jobs not only in Japan, but also in all over the world. I'm the one of them...
I really rely upon President Obama's leadership and his affirmative action on this world wide economical/financial crises. As you know, Japan is the one of the economical leading country in the world, but our Prime Minister and cabinet don't work at all. So Japan will not be able to overcome this crises by itself. I believe that the US will be the only one country which will be able to solve these problems.

Go Obama!

By the way, I've been in the job lost situation for about a month.
The other day, I went to the public employment security office in order to proceed receiving my unemployment allowance.

And now, I'm updating my English and Japanese resume for selling myself to numerous companies.
I also have been taking contacts with some recruiting agents.

I hope that I can meet a new and good candidate company as soon as possible.






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