Thursday, October 2, 2008

Submit acceptance

I would go to the new office today, but when I called new boss/CEO, he told me no need to come to the office only for submitting a document, and to submit it on the first day at the office. So I told him my acceptance officially and told each other something regarding to the new circumstances.

After I hung up this call, I thought awhile.
That was to say, I thought that it was a little bit impolite to him to express my acceptance only by a phone call.
So I signed on the document and scanned it, and then saved it as PDF. And I wrote an email to him to tell my acceptance officially again, and to tell him to attach this PDF in order to express my sincerity, and to bring my official document on my first day at the office, October 8th.

I'll clean tons of confidential documents up from now. As you know, I got so many confidential documents related to job descriptions or hiring conditions from my recruiting agents and head-hunters. I hope that my shredder will not be broken up...

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これから山のような機密文書を整理するつもりです。何しろ、紹介会社やヘッドハンターからもらった職務内容や就業条件などの書かれた機密文書をかなりの数もらっているので... シュレッダーが壊れないことを祈ります。

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