Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I got one!

I had been struggling with my recruiting activities for about 3 months, and today, I got an unofficial decision/offer from an ad agency.

Most of my activities had been moderated by my some recruiting agents, however, the company which I got an unofficial decision/offer and me had met by internet based resume scouting system.

The company is not a big one, but strongly agreed with their policy. That is to say, "their clients are pharmaceutical companies, however, their final clients are patients.". Not only CEO, but also those employees all toward for patients. I was strongly moved this policy.

Today, I went to their office for taking the 2nd interview. But there were no interviews as an exam.
CEO directly offered me 3 conditions.
1st one was I will be an account executive at their headquarter in Tokyo, and also responsible for supporting activities of their will-be-launched office in Osaka in sales area.
2nd one was he wanted to me to become their member as soon as possible; if possible he wanted me to come to their office from next week.
3rd one was my annual salary.

So now, I got all conditions and informations for this position, and I have to answer whether good or not to CEO by this Friday. I wanted to say "Yes" at that time, but I still have some on-going opportunities. So I couldn't decide at that time.

In my heart now, I think that my decision has been made. That is to say, I will answer "Yes" to CEO.

And I will have to take a lot of contacts with my recruiting agents yesterday in order to stop there research and recommendation for other companies. This will take about a day...

Anyway, I'm relieved now.

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