Thursday, October 2, 2008

I got an official document

As I wrote yesterday, I had gotten an unofficial offer from an advertising agency.
Today, I received an official offer from that company as an official document.

According to that document, I will be a manager of planning group of that company, in other word, I will be an account manager. It also required me to make my decision by this Friday, and to become an employee from October 8th.

Otherwise, I got a feedback, which was notifying me to pass a screening of resume by other ad agency, from a recruiting agent. And I also had over 10 on-going positions that I had applied before.

I considered whether I should accept this official offer or not for whole day, today. And finally, I decided to accept this official offer!!

Due to these conditions, I wrote a lot of emails to my recruiting agents and head hunters. As you know, I had over 10 positions at that time, it took many times. However, I have just finished writing emails to them.

I'll go to the new office tomorrow, in order to submit an acceptance document to them.
Now I'm feeling good because I had been struggling for seeking a new and good position for about 3 months. This 3-months activity was really a hard and a long one. Anyway, I'm relieved now.

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書面によれば、僕は企画グループの課長として採用されるとのことです。他の言葉で言えば、アカウント マネージャーということになります。また、この書面には、意思決定を今週の金曜日までにして欲しいと言うことと、入社日は10月8日とするということが書かれていました。




今の気分は良いです。何しろ、約3ヶ月の間、新しいそして自分にとって満足のいく会社(ポジション)を死にもの狂いで探してきたんですから... この3ヶ月間の活動は本当にハードで長い活動でした。とにかく今はホッとしています。

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