Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank you friends! And my current status...

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my precious friends.
I got a lot of messages from you/my friends related to the last blog. They all gave me a energy. Now I'm alright.
Again, thank you to all.

By the way, I'm still struggling to find a new job.

I had applied over thirty positions/companies which/where will be suitable for me through some recruiting agents. But it is not an easy way to find a suitable job for over thirty-five year old man. In fact, I got twenty negative feed backs from applied companies.

But I've never given up!

I still have thirteen opportunities at the moment.
Also, some of my agents found me some positions, and offered me them.

However, I'm considering of widening job criteria.
Now I'm focusing on healthcare advertising and PR agency, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies. But there are not so many opportunities in these industry at the moment. So I'm considering of recruiting agency and head hunting firm as my second expectation.

Anyway, I'll never give up and do my best till I'll get a new job.

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