Sunday, December 21, 2008

Business trips

The saint Christmas Day is coming...
I think that most of American and European will going into holidays. But I will not be able to have enough holidays due to my hard works.

I went to Osaka for meeting with my important clients on last Thursday and Friday. And I have to go there again for making a proposal on next Monday, so I will go to the office for preparing documents and other proposing materials tomorrow although it is Sunday. And after finishing preparation, I will move to Osaka by last flight.

Also, I have to prepare for other proposal. So although it will be a national holiday on Tuesday, I will go to the office and make proposing documents.

Anyway, I have a lot of works now, and they are requested to finish by next Friday.
Although I will be able to have holidays from December 27 to January 4, I will go for work on some of these days.

I want to sleep enough and take enough rests...






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