Sunday, December 28, 2008

No holidays???

I think that there are so many readers who is reading this issue has been enjoying their holidays, because most of Japanese companies has been in "the end of year and the new year holidays" since December 27 to January 4 of 2009.

How is me???
I've been in a hard situation that I will have to work until December 29, or 30 due to a work that I represent mailing service of my client. This is because I sent a first email for this service on December 26, and I got two inquiries from receivers in the same day. So I've gotten be in a situation that I have to work in holidays in order to correspond to those troubles.

However, I have no schedules and I have no activities in my home, so it is not hard to go out. And I'm glad because I didn't expect these special procurements. On the other hand, I feel envious for those who take good holidays...

I'll go to the office from the noon tomorrow, no it's today, and will correspond to new troubles.
I had expected some troubles for this work, but I had not expected this work became a hard one and took a lot of times...

Anyway, I can get make-up holidays due to this work.
Let's think it positive...






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