Friday, May 22, 2009


The day for the moving is coming.
I'll move to Fukuoka, my hometown, on next Sunday, May 24.
I've packed up almost 90% of my household goods. I'll pack up my PC and its accessories at tomorrow morning, and will pack up electric appliances at tomorrow afternoon, and will pack up sanitary goods at tomorrow night. The moving operations will start at 8 am and will end up around 11 am. Then I'll clean up vacant room and will hand out room key to the real estate agent around 2 pm. After that, I'll move to the Haneda Airport, and will arrive at my home around 8 pm.

I have been in Tokyo for about 4 years.
Among these years, I changed work place 4 times; one was pharmaceutical company and others were healthcare advertising agencies. There were so many hard situations but I could enjoy my life in Tokyo. I could make so many friends, drinking companions, and business clients.

I'll change my career to the life insurance industry as a sales person. This will be a tough challenge for me, but I believe that I could brash up my business skills through my life in Tokyo. So I don't have any worries.

Um... Fukuoka...
My sweet town.

I'll do my best for the new life.




あ〜... 福岡ですよ...


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