Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking for English language school

I have been absorbed in learning English these days.

I have been taking trial lessons of several Engilsh conversation schools from May.
I'm afraid I wrote this before, but I was graduated from the Faculty of British and American Studies, Department of foreign language studies. And I had studied about American history, American politics, and American economics, so I can read, write, and listen to English. After graduated, I have not bee having opportunities to speak English, so I have lost my English speaking skills. And I'm considering of learning English conversation again.

Now I'm in an international company, the president is an American, and one of my colleagues also is an American. They can understand Japanese to some extent, but it is better to communicate with them in English.

I sometimes meet a situation that the president suddenly speak in English at a meeting. I can listen it and understand what he is saying, but I can't respond to him in English, so I feel irrtation, and think if I could respond quickly. I think that some of you feel the same feelings.

So I decided to get the knack of English conversation again.

I already had taken about 4 trial lessons of those schools.
Each of them had distinctive features.
However, what I'm considering is the cost is reasonable.
And I can construct schedules flexibly.
My working schedule depends on my clients' schedules, so it is hard to cnstruct my schedule freely. At this point, those schools, which are setting their period of lessons according to the fee and which doesn't accept free construction of schedules, are out of the question for me.

I will decide the school after I will take more trial lessons.

By the way, the earthquake at Iwate and Miyagi was a severe one, right?
I pray for the repose of those souls who died in this eqrthquake.

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