Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Activities are on-going

It will be almost 1 month from my start of finding new job, otherwise finding job activities with recruiting agency will be almost 3 weeks. I've already left the company, so I will not be able to get any money from the end of this month. I feel some kind of impatience. It is an urgent situation.

Activities are going well in its own way.
I had applied for 26 companies.
I had received NG feedback from 10 companies.
Those companies, which I had passed the screening resume step and I'm on the way of personal interview, are 5.
And I'm waiting for feedback of screening resume from 11 companies.
This is all.

I took exams of so called publisher focused on medical and healthcare areas yesterday (August 4th) and today (August 5th).
I took only a personal interview with a compny yesterday. It took about an hour for the interview, and the result will feedback through my agent later.
I took a Japanese and English paper based examination and an aptitude test today. It took about 3 hours, and the result will feedback through my agent later.
I have only one interview on Thursday, August 7th, for the latter half of this week at the moment.

I'm considering of part time job for getting money due to out of job, but I don't have a car; I can' t get an ideal part time job such as the transportation. I surely looking for other kind of jobs, but I can't find any suitable shot term jobs so far. Further, I will not be able to concentrate on the part time job, it's because if I would pass the screening of resume, I would take the personal interview. And its date will be fixed suddenly, so I'm wondering.
It is a delicate situation for me.

I have to overcome this situation anyways.

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