Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out of work and looking for new job

I had retired from former company on July 25, and I became out of work from July 26.
Umm. It's hard.
But, I don't regret for this retireent. It's because, when I consider of my grow up as a Marketer, I think that there will be no result if I would continue unpleasant and painful works under the mismatched boss.

I continued visiting recruitmet agency for some meetings with consultants for the latter half of last week. On the hardest day, I met with 4 agencies' consultants. It was really a hard week for my body and soul, because it was really hot week and I had to walk around the metropolis.

For starting this changing job activities, I mainly looked for recruitment agencies which had non Japanese consultants who spoke only in English and hold meetings in English, and which submitted English resume for the application. This was based on my past experience. Even if an agency was an international company, consultants and sales persons were Japanese, they considered their comission first, and offered several jobs next to the next, and requested for applicant to apply to all of their items.
It is true that even a poor shot will hit the mark sometimes, however on the other hand, my applicant motivation becomes poor, and at last, I lose my way. So I decided to contact with non Japanese consultants, and keep this activities, although my English skill is not so good.

I had ordered agencies to submit my resumes to over 20 companies.
And I received feedback of passing documents exams from 5 companies, and I participated in the first personal interviews with 3 companies, and I failed 2 companies, and I'm waiting for feedback from 1 company.
Other companies are now in the process of screening submitted documents, and I'm just waiting.

In fact, this is a harder challenge than I considered at the start of activity.
I have no personal interview so far, but for considering the reasons of changing job, I will visit one agency/consultant tomorrow, July 30.
And further, I will participate in the first interview of 1 company next week, and another one the week after next at the moment.

It is hard to walk around in the very hot day (+30 degrees centigrade), but I have to live. So I'll try to get a good result as early as possible.

Anyway, I'll do my best.

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