Monday, February 9, 2009

An advanced notice of dismissal

I received an advanced notice of dismissal.
It was last Friday.

The reason of dismissal was "they didn't need to employ a sales person."

When I had met with the president, he said "Our company is like a planning and producing company. So our creative members are doing those works like making an estimate and an invoice. But we are planning of opening Osaka Branch and will hire a sales person, and we are forecasting increase of orders. So I decided to hire a sales person taking measures against these situations in Tokyo.". Did I miss words???

It is true that creative members are making an estimate and invoice, but it is also true that I got a new client and a new order within only four months since I had become a member of this company. Further, this order was really a big one. The estimated value was one million yen and and our estimated cost was only one hundred thousand yen. That is to say, the gross margin rate was 90%. Also, I was clearly told that they decided this order because "I went to their office" by my client.

It is generally said that the gross margin rate is low in our industry.
But I strongly claim that it is true that I got a new client, and I got a big order of 90% gross margin rate, and if this order come out good, I will be able to get four more orders from this client.

But, I was fired when I got this client and order.
I'm speechless with this amazement.

I don't know what kind of management decision was decided.
But what was my big work in this company? I got a profit that will cover the fixed cost of new opened Osaka Branch.

I've really been getting angry.
This matter is beyond my sadness and pain.

I think that most of readers are thinking this is amazing.

But this is the real situation of our society, further, this is the real stance of my company.

Anyway, I have to go to the office until February 10th, and after this day, I will go to the public employment security office again.

I don't give up my life!
I'll do my best and surely get a new opportunity!!













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